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Getting to “Yes”

“No one can remember more than three points.” Philip Crosby

All the effort you put into your sales cycle boils down to the fact that you are able to convince the customer to buy your product/service. There are a many factors which have to be in place for you to get to “yes”.

1. Confidence: Throughout your pitch, the customer is going to be evaluating you continuosly through the way you speak, gesture and articulate your thoughts. All of these factors come together when you are convinced about the value of the product you are selling. If you have the slightest doubt about what you are selling the customer is going to pick up on it. So make sure you believe in whatever it is you are selling.

2. Listen: During your pitch or in the Q&A session listen intently to the concerns which are being raised by the customer. Is there any one segment which he is focusing on repeatedly? By concentrating on those you will be able to break down any internal barriers which may be stopping the customer from make the purchase. If you are selling a complicated product which requires several meetings with the customer taking down detail notes helps in preparing in advance for future negotations.

3. Summarize: After concluding your pitch you should tell the customer once again about the product and the value proposition in a very short, concise and understandable manner. This recap helps to put things into perspective as the customer has had to digest a lot of data. If you have built a solid case this is when the customer will ask you probing questions about price, delivery and implementation which often signals a green light for the contract to get signed.

I have always been a straight shooter when I pitch to clients. There are a ton of “closing strategies” which you can find in books and the internet telling you ingenious ways on how to get to “yes”. The most effective one that I have found, is to be honest, confident and concise.

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