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Feeling Overwhelmed?

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.” Anonymous

I have just been through a crazy month at work. It felt like there were five hundred things to do on my list, everyday! The last couple of days I have been documenting all that was accomplished during the last month and even though we achieved a lot, I feel it came at a high price. I was reflecting about it this evening and I realized how often I go through cycles like this. I tell myself I will do more to balance my time in the future, and then it happens again. Maybe it is my nature to get everything done just right or an addiction to the adrenaline you feel when everything you are working on so hard starts to show potential. 

Over the course of this week I am going document five areas that I want and need to work on, to find balance for such periods in my life in the future. They will be simple guiding lights, reminding me constantly of the bigger picture when I am so totally engrossed at a micro level. Luckily, being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to take off when I think the extended period of stress level is running too high. For individuals who do not have this facility, a sharper focus to rectify this imbalance is vital. High levels of stress over extended periods of time leads to eventual ‘Burnout’. 

It is essential that we do our utmost to avoid reaching such stages because that tends to lead us to do and say things which we would not, ordinarily. We all tend to have times in our life when we are maddeningly busy , how we deal with ourselves and others during this period, affects us and all those around us as well. I would like really to hear from all of you what you do to overcome it all when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out for extended periods of time. 


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