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How to get from where you are to where you want to be

Are you frustrated?

“Our frustration is greater when we have much and want more, than when we have nothing and want some. We are less dissatisfied when we lack many things, than when we seem to lack but one thing.” Eric Hoffe

Being human, it is natural for us to feel frustrated sometimes. During the course of the day, I could be frustrated with my windows pc for some hiccup or other, the inability for a colleague to complete an assignment or with myself for not performing at a level I expect of myself. There are many instances where frustration comes into play. When we are frustrated with a particular situation, we tend to think, say or do things which we would not, under normal circumstances.

There have been countless times in the past when this has happened to me, I am sure many can empathize with that. When this behavior is left unchecked, mental triggers are created which can develop into internal barriers. These barriers make it difficult to communicate effectively, work as teams, mentor a subordinate or even enjoy a meal. Imagine if your startup gets clogged by such internal barriers, they can impede growth and ultimately your success. 

I have had some experience with startup organizations over the course of the last couple of years. During this period I have noticed a couple of recurring frustrations that crop up. When left unchecked these become barriers which make working together, growing together and enjoying the ride an extremely challenging task. To halt the development of these barriers we need to identify triggers which cause frustration. Much of the time they are buried in the subconscious and are brought to the fore repeatedly, without our realizing it. Over the course of the week I will identify some major frustrations I have witnessed in the work place during my journey as an entrepreneur. This is the first step of the process. First identification, then suggestions to deal with them effectively .

Trust me, the last thing you want in your startup is a bunch of frustrated individuals. I would like to hear about the frustrations you face or have faced as entrepreneurs on your journey. Look forward to hearing from everyone.



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