Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur


How to get from where you are to where you want to be

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Usman Sheikh

3 Responses

  1. mr kalua says:

    sorry we have a youth sports club based on football, we need some one to help us in promoting the tallent of that children. please if you can help us we will sent to you our details. we are africans leave in tanzania.

  2. khuram rafiq says:

    I am school student willing to go into business, can yiu give me some advice please.

    Thanks,great blog

  3. Ryan Mettee says:

    Howdy Usman,

    I often read your blog and wanted to compliment you on the job you do. I work with entrepreneur, author, and business coach, John Assaraf. You may know him from the hit movie, The Secret. John is obsessed with helping business owners grow their business, no matter what industry, and achieve their goals. John recently released his new book, “The Answer: Grow any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live and Extraordinary Life.” The book focuses on helping people develop a mindset for success, as well as present a proven set of action steps for entrepreneurs to take to grow their business. We think your blog is a great resource for information and wanted to see if you could help us promote the book by conducting a book review. If you are interested, please shoot me an email and I can send you over book chapter excerpts and collateral. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work!


    Ryan Mettee
    Marketing Team
    OneCoach, Inc.

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