Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur


How to get from where you are to where you want to be


“What we think or what we know or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” John Ruskin – English author, art critic and social commentor

You have got it all going, the goal, the planning, the team but somehow you are not gathering the traction you need to move forward. This unfortunately is something that many people experience throughout their life. The reason being; too many people like to talk big and make grandiose plans but when it comes to actually DOING them; this one step separates the people who are successful from those who are not.

Unless you make a conscious effort to get out of your comfort zone, nothing is going to happen. When you take an action step you make a sub conscious commitment to move forward. You start a series of event like the ripples when a stone hits the water. These will provide you with valuable feedback, attract the right people to your side, people will take you more seriously and things which may have appeared difficult to start out with will slowly unravel into manageable tasks. You will most certainly make mistakes along this path, learn from your mistakes. They will be the most valuable lessons you will ever experience in life. I was involved in a project a couple of years ago. I was being pitched to invest in a new concept store for an industry which was thriving. The plan looked great but in that first meeting I didn’t get the correct vibes from the person who was going to head the project. However the numbers looked way to good for me to pass up on the opportunity. Well I guess you can imagine what happened, 8 months later we were closing shop as the partnership was just not working. Ever since that day I have relied on my “Gut Instinct” a lot more.

That lesson may have cost me but I strongly believe that I learnt something which will be invaluable for the rest of my life. So there is no shame in failing, just remember to learn from the mistakes you make along the way. Don’t make excuses to wait a little longer, there will never be a perfect time. Get up and enroll in that course today, get that gym membership, start that company, write that business plan, go back to school. Just make sure you DO IT NOW!

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